I want to know one answer.I am having facebook in my Samsung galaxy y. Today (wants to connect on facebook )?

Answer you might sync your account go to settings->accunts and sync->click on your fb account and remove the account from synconisationalso disable auto syncnext time when you login dont sync

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How do you upload photos to facebook on the Samsung Galaxy Y?

Their are two ways. One one was successful for me. My method of doing it is this..... i put it in a simplified way.....1. - Switch on your Galaxy Y2. - Press the menu button (button which has 4 sma... Read More »

Heavy battery drain while running facebook on Samsung Galaxy S3?

You are saying FB highly consumes you battery, it is wrong if you turnoff your FB also it consumes if you have switched on the GPRS. All the time it will search for network it highly uses your batt... Read More »

Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet, google play store and facebook :(?

restore it to factory thou settings... other wise factory defect or severe virus

Why does facebook now say "via facebook mobile" instead of "via iPhone" Just noticed that it changed today...?

ive been changed to via facebook mobile since last week when this news came's why (read it):