I want to know if i can get 3 hard drives working.?

Answer HDDs use IDE interface which has 40 pins whilst floppy drives work with 34 pin interface,so they use their own cables and ports.Normally,you can install up to 4 IDE devices on your Pc,these can be ... Read More »

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I want to sell my computer, can i replace the hard drives and how?

Do you already have your new computer? I'd recommend networking it and transferring it that way. Or use a CD or DVD burner to copy it. Removing the HD completely from the old system would really... Read More »

I know nothing about formating hard drives!!?

Why do you need to format your hard drive? it is normally only necessary when you want to totally erase all (and I mean all)information on the disk or have installed a new disk. It sounds to me lik... Read More »

Firewire Hard Drives Vs. USB Hard Drives?

When you want to add additional storage to your computer, you can choose from internal or external hard drives and various storage sizes and technologies. USB and Firewire are two possible connecti... Read More »

Ok.. great .. now i am afraid for my hard drive... do hard drives really fail that much?

I had one that lasted over 9 years before it finally gave out and my other 2 computers are still going strong with their hard drives so I think it just comes down to how you treat your hard drive a... Read More »