I want to know if anybody else remembers?

Answer I remember having 4 channels on TV. I remember how excited I was to get cable with 13 channels. I remember when McDonald's and Wendy's food was actually worth eating. I remember when cars were made... Read More »

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Who remembers Fonzie?

Ayyyyyyyy!His only fear in life was liver.

Who remembers Intellivision?

I used to have Intellivision. Great system, great games. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons on that thing!!!

Does any one remembers DOS commands?

Bad command or file name - Usually, this is when you miss type a command or if DOS does not know the command.Bad or missing command interpreter - DOS cannot locate the, an important fil... Read More »

Am I the only one who remembers a soda can being 13oz?

Soda cans were never 13 oz. That is such a random number. Can manufacturers want to use common oz measurements (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, etc.)