I want to know how to clean the fans of my computer?

Answer turn off pc. ground yourself. unplug PC, discharge all stored power. open case. now you have three choices:1 compressed air all the way. buy some canned air and blow the dirt off the fans. you will... Read More »

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How to Re Use the Electric Motor in Muffin Fans (Computer Cooling Fans)?

Computer cooling fans also known as muffin fans have very nice brushless motors that can be used for other applications, for example to make a simple centrifuge. In this wikihow, a simple way to re... Read More »

How to Clean Fans?

Have you ever been sitting at you're desk, look over and see your desk fan has lint and dust all over it? It can be a pain to clean with some fans, but it is possible. However some fan makers don't... Read More »

What is the best way to clean fans on a laptop.?

Normally, i just use a can of Dust Remover, and it works just fine.

How do I clean dusty ceiling fans?

Gather Your EquipmentMove a step stool close to, but not directly under, the ceiling fan you are getting ready to clean. Gather your cleaning supplies, such as a ceiling fan duster, microfiber clot... Read More »