I want to know good places for a bridal shower in Westchester ?

Answer Why not save a ton of money and have it at your home ( or one of your friends')Otherwise there are bridal planners that could be hired-

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Good Indian Bridal Shower Gifts?

The bridal shower is a Western custom that has spread to many cultures all over the world. Unlike bachelorette parties, Indian bridal showers invite not only the bride's girl friends but also her r... Read More »

I want to know best places for tourism in Switzerland..?

by tourism, do you mean places with most tourists, or best places to see as a tourist?I would recommend going to the lake luzurn area. It is very picturesque and has things like a butterfly sanctua... Read More »

Do you use an umbrella at a bridal shower or baby shower?

Umbrella decorations can be used at either baby showers or bridal showers. In both occasions, the guest of honor is being showered with gifts, so an umbrella has become a traditional decoration.Re... Read More »

I want to create my own operating system aka distro. Any good sites/places?

Oh gosh. There is so much there. For EVERYTHING on Linux go to the Linux Document Project:http://www.tldp.orgWarning you won't understand everything there. Most of us supplement it with frequent... Read More »