I want to know about "Letting Go" of a loved one who has passed away years ago?

Answer Why do you want love to be wiped off from your heart? Love is natural sister despite your grief you shoud let it come on the surface often if it wants. since ur asking this ques in alternative.. le... Read More »

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If u suddenly passed away would u want loved ones 2 take down your myspace page or not? PEOPLE!MYSPACE IS SO OVER!FACEBOOK IT.kthnx.

Sadly Jenkins my butler of nearly twenty years passed away at the weekend?

Indeed I do old boy - try Jenkins' of Windsor. They are by Royal Appointment. They stuffed the Queen Mother and then stuck her in Madame Tussauds. Damn fine job too. Would have been too dangerous t... Read More »

Is this child abuse White father, mother was not (passed away years ago) but dad is extremely racist and?

It's very unfortunate for the child,and I feel bad for her having to hear that BS,but if he isn't verbally attacking her I don't think it's abuse. But very ignorant and I hope the girl gets out of ... Read More »

I have sn ecg and want to know about the report. i am 38 years old. in the report vent rate is 88 bpm .?

PR interval: 120 to 200 ms. Your PR interval is normal.QRS complex: less than 120 ms. Your QRS complex is normal.QT interval: 366 ms. Corrected QT: 443.2 ms (according to ready reckoner)Your QTc sh... Read More »