I want to keep my internet explorer windows maximised?

Answer Close all maximised windows but keep the minimised open.With your mouse, drag each corner to the edge of your monitor, then click on File>>Close.All new windows should then open maximised.

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Does my netbook have to have internet explorer and windows explorer?

You should keep your windows explorer - it has nothing to do with your surfing on the net but you need it for your windows operating system.

Windows internet explorer message-cannot find file:///' make sure the path or internet address is correct?

Is there any way to make the Windows taskbar autohide ONLY when a window is maximised?

Does Windows Internet Explorer 7 work on a Windows 98 computer?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 does not run on the Windows 98 operating system. Internet Explorer 7 requires Windows XP or later. The most recent version of Internet Explorer that runs on Windows 98... Read More »