I want to install a printer but I don`t have the software.Can I still install it?

Answer You can download the drivers (software) from HP. Go to

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I want to install bootcamp on my mac but i need to print a startup guide but i dont have a printer?

You can get a setup and installation PDF from here:…Larry

I can't install a printer as I dont have the disk for it. I have Windows XP and the printer is HPpsc1317.?…

I have cable in other rooms of my house but i want to install it in my room but i dont have a cable outlet!?

I did this in my house: get a drill and drill a hole in your wall which has a room on the other side of it with cable. Then, attach a splitter to the cable in the other room, and attach a new cab... Read More »

What if i install someone else's printer on my computer can hey still install it on their computer?