I want to increase my internets downloading speed?

Answer As per my knowlege, Download Accelerator will do.But it seems, you expect too much. :-)

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How to increase my internet/downloading speed?

More than likely, the 460.8 figure is in kiloBITS per second, which means your downloads measured in kiloBYTES per second will be at a maximum, 57.6, which is still obviously higher than you are ge... Read More »

Software to Increase Internet Downloading Speed?

There is a variety of software that is available to assist in increasing Internet downloading speeds, all of which contain unique key features. Software to increase Internet downloading speed perfo... Read More »

How to Speed Up My Internet Downloading Speed?

Downloading occurs when your computer receives data from other computers on the Internet. Downloading is a fundamental part of using the Internet; every web page, photo and video that you view on a... Read More »

How can i speed my internet connection free. can i get my internet speed up to 1 mbps while downloading ?

Try speedguide I have a 9 year old compaq Presario 5062 322 MHZ processor and here is the results of my speed test: I used the free tcp/ip optomizer that they offer there « Speed T... Read More »