I want to grow a short beard, but my facial hair is godamn retarded. Is there any way I can train it up?

Answer I am in a facial-hair-sensitive-spot myself this morning----someone just pointed out to me that my moustache looked crooked! Just let it grow however it will grow, and then even it out when it com... Read More »

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How to Color Facial Beard Hair?

There are several reasons men opt to color their beard hair. Sometimes men develop gray in their beard and take action to conceal it, or perhaps they dye their beard a different color to contrast w... Read More »

How to Grow Hair With a Patchy Beard?

A symbol of masculinity and ruggedness, beards are as unique as the men who grow them. Beards can range from a whisper of hair on the chin to a full-length mane down the chest. Regardless of the ty... Read More »

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Whether it be a mustache or a beard, facial hair has been a symbol of manhood since time began. Styles and preferences change with time. If you've decided that you don't have enough facial hair to ... Read More »