I want to go to college, but I might not have the money for it?

Answer Yuuki:Here's the thing.In the United States, a college education is not a 'right'. It's a high-cost, optional expense. Many parents feel that it's a near necessity - some, quite clearly, do not. Ma... Read More »

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I want attend college but i have no money. What kind of grants and scholarships can i apply for?

There's a scholarship essay contest going on at Lafango: Luck!

I want to know if wat i have might be signs of a stroke?

The diagnosis of a stroke is based on the physical symptoms of the patient as well as medical history. A physical and neurological examination will also be performed. Certain tests such as blood te... Read More »

How do you tell your parents you want to go to the doctors because you think you might have leukemia?

just tell them that you are not feeling well and you want to see a doctor don't be afraid the faster you find out the sooner they can help you.

I want to work for Google Or Facebook..what do i have i have to study in college?

B.S. in Software Engineering or B.S. in Computer Engineering or B.S. in Computer Science. The $100,000 salary goes to more experienced workers with 10+ years of experience. Starting out, you are mo... Read More »