I want to go study to be a doctor but i dont know what kind of doctor?

Answer Worry about that in your last year of med school. You will be exposed to many specialities in med school.

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Im nervous because i dont want to show my doctor my balls for my physical. what should i do?

I was nervous too. It's OK, go ahead and be nervous. But you gotta do, so do it. It'll be OK. Better to get checked out in case you have a hernia or something.

My throat has hurt for 3 days.i dont want to go to the doctor.What should i do, take a pill or something?

Check to see if you have puss balls in your throat. If you do, then u HAVE to go to the doctor.. because that means their is an infection and u'll need antibiotic...If you don't see any white (pus... Read More »

Who do you think Professor River Song is in Doctor Who and how does she know The Doctor?

Instead of a female Jack Harkness, it could also be a child of Jack's. In the first season, on Satellite 5 there is a news bulletin about The Face of Boe have given birth, and later The Face is de... Read More »

Doctor who fans - do you want to know the Doctor's name?

I was thinking Zaphod Beeblebrox but that's a different and more recent series.But heck, i only have one head, so feel kinda lame.Don't forget your towel.…