I want to get rid of sky and use my sky box as a digi box what do i do?

Answer Phone them up and ask them to take all your subscription channels off and change it to Freesat. Then you'll just get the Freeview channels through it and some extra free-to-air satellite ones. They... Read More »

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How many mic preamps does the Digi 002 have?

The Digi 002, which is a Pro Tools recording interface made by Digidesign, has four mic preamps. The Digi 002 also has an additional four line inputs that you can use to route external mic preamps.... Read More »

What is the best SLR digi camera for beginners?

Which one is the real me the one in the mirror or the one on my digi cam?

Do we want digi tv when epileptics cant watch it?

I can see this is a very serious issue for you and I find what your talking about very interesting. Though in truth I wasn't 100% sure what you were talking about at first.. but now I THINK I've g... Read More »