I want to get my ears,nose,lip,belly,an maybe my tounge is that to much?

Answer I don't think so. I have those piercings & it sounds like alot & it might look weird but, it doesn't. Because if you think about it your ears, belly & tongue piercings are hard to even see, then if... Read More »

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How do I get my printer to copy what I want in the way I want it,ie when copying it prints maybe two lines per?

Are you trying to say that it's double spaced? If you are, go to format in Microsoft Word and click on Paragraph and change it from double space to single space.

Why is it that I can drink whenever I want and as much as I want and I am not?

I drink much the same way that you do. Relax in knowing that the majority of people that drink alcohol are not nor ever will be alcoholic. It can be for you/us that you are not preoccupied with it ... Read More »

How do you tell your husband that you don't want to got to a family reunion with him if you feel that your in-laws don't want to have much to do with you?

Answer This is a really touchy subject when dealing with inlaws. Just tell your husband that you do not wish to go to a family reunion because you don't feel welcome. Or if he is a good man, just t... Read More »

Is there a website that can help her to start receiving Medicare maybe like a lawyer that...PLEASE READ ON?

Medicare's eligibility requirements are pretty cut and dry. If she is on disability already, she obviously hasn't met the minimum time frame yet. In order to qualify, she has to receive disabilit... Read More »