I want to get limewire but scared of viruses?

Answer Limewire itself usually does not have any but read the EULA as it may install spyware programs along with it which can read to viruses and more problems and security vulnerabilities down the road. ... Read More »

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How to Delete LimeWire Viruses?

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program, which allows you to download files from other users (or peers). Such programs cannot prevent your peers from uploading computer viruses and labelin... Read More »

Can limewire give you viruses xD?

The program itself won't give you a virus.If you download an mp3 file,you can't get a virus. Anything else, avoid downloading.Check the size of the file. If it's a song, it should be between 3 and ... Read More »

Can limewire cause viruses?

limewire doesn't cause viruses. It's the stuff you download off it that contains viruses. Never download anything you're not sure about! Not only are many of the files on limewire copyrighted and t... Read More »

Can you get viruses by using limewire?

o.k... answer to that question... plenty... about 1/2 of everything in there is virus infected... but... i have good news though... just bare with m... k... before you download anything... or even ... Read More »