I want to get drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Expect to drink two shots for a good buzz. If you have as much as 5 shots you will be quite drunk. Take it slow and easy to avoid regret.

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I want to get drunk really bad?

Current biological evidence of DNA shows that certain genes are responsible for addictive behavior and alcoholism is an addictive behavior. Even if both your parents were alkies it is not a dooms-d... Read More »

I really want to get drunk?

You hate when your mom drinks, so you're going to do it also? You're not even old enough i'm sure. What a loser!

I want to get drunk please help !!?

Assuming you're legal age here.1 - Vodka is easy, mix it with a fruity soft drink and you'll barely notice the alcohol.2 - Not much for your height, weight and i'm assuming low tolerance. Take it s... Read More »

18th birthday, don't want to get too drunk?

know your limits, and it's ok to say "no, I already reached my limits" and that I dont want to throw up.... they will understand... say no in a cool way...