I want to get braces?

Answer 1 You do NOT want braces. Trust me. I used to want them too and I ended up having them for 5 years. It really sucks. You can't chew gum. You constantly get stuff stuck in them. I was soo happy when... Read More »

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Why do I want braces?

its normal i wanted braces too, i saw lots of people at school with them and i thought they looked cool and i really wanted staight teeth but i loved how u could pick what colors you want...honestl... Read More »

I really don't want to get my braces off?

soon is like 2-3-6 weeks. honestly you got braces to look better. your not getting your braces off with teeth that didnt get fixed. you will look 100% better with braces and your life will be easie... Read More »

I don't want braces Be honest?

To be bluntly honest, Mel ..... a Brace is a sight to the sore eyes .. especially if you have a visible set of teeth whenever you smile or laugh at one of those jokes ... and yes !! you would fee... Read More »

I dont want braces do i need them. ):?

umm, yeah. unless you want that gap. and crowding.. theyre not bad. i got mine in 4th grade. im actually very happy i did. i love my teeth now.