I want to get born again but something is holding me back?

Answer I want to pray about this will get back with you.I have to agree with my Brother Newman, we cannot be "reborn" after we have been born again. Thirteen is not to young to have an understanding of Go... Read More »

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Can you hurt yourself by holding back a sneeze?

Ive been told that holding your nose when you sneeze can be damaging which is what i do all too often which is bad. To the extent of the damage it can do i don't know, my memory always lets me down

How to Make It Look Like You Are Holding Back Tears?

Sometimes a dignified holding back of tears can look more genuine than someone crying their eyes out. If you need to fake emotion without losing your cool altogether, here are some tips to help:

How to Stop Constipation from Holding You Back from Sleeping?

When talking of constipation and sleep, one thing is for sure that they don't get along together. What is meant is that in order to get sleep you have to forget constipation, so this article will t... Read More »

What is your main reason to get LASIK surgery and what is holding you back?

I want laser surgery. I even went to get a pre-exam. They told me that, because my prescription is too high (-10 diopters), they can't perform the surgery without cutting my eye too thin and endang... Read More »