I want to get born again but something is holding me back?

Answer I want to pray about this will get back with you.I have to agree with my Brother Newman, we cannot be "reborn" after we have been born again. Thirteen is not to young to have an understanding of Go... Read More »

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If you get your arm chopped off while holding something, will it still be holding it or will it go limp?

Don't you think you've got more important things to worry about if your arm gets chopped off?

What is going to be the impact on indian railways now that ms. mamta banerjee is holding the reins again?

wow.. even i was thinking the same thing couple of hours ago.. and was thinkig abt it..just go to google or youtube and type "shinkansen" or "tgv" .. they are rail systems in japan and france . and... Read More »

Im 13and I was post to start my period yesterday and still haven't and everytime i eat something i want to puke it back upbut i dont hav morning sicknes only have night sickness and my x left me?

your just a late bloomer. and the puking thing is probably nerves. you should go see a gastronologist!

Well I pulled something in my back while lifting something and it hurts to move around?

Get x-rayed buddy sounds like you have a herniated disc...