I want to get a tattoo but i need some help..?

Answer What about the words Inner Strength, and maybe the Chinese symbols for it above the words. Like this:…I think that that would look great on your wrist. (:

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I'm thinking of getting a tattoo and need some help?

i think you should go for the evil monkey from the family guy... you know the one that hides in chris' closet.that would be cool...

Need help with java programing ! i want to some outline please help?

public class Doctor { // Class Variables String strDrSpecialty; double dblFee; // Constructor public Doctor(String strDrSpecialty, double dblFee) { this.strDrSpecialty = strDrSpecialty; this.dbl... Read More »

I want to learn computer programming but i need some help?

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I want some sort of health insurance, I need help i'm 19 and a college student.?

If you're in college go to your guidance counselor and ask if he/she has any information about group Health care for the student body. As long as you're in relatively good shape and don't smoke or... Read More »