I want to get a tan how do i stay safe?

Answer That's pretty much it. Remember if you are in the pool to get out every hour or so and reapply suncream, get the kids waterproof stuff if you can. The water magnifies the sun and will make it much ... Read More »

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Want to stay safe on the Internet?

if you want to stay safe on internet have a good antivirus software enabled in your pc!

What if your head phones want stay plugged in your Phillips mp3 Player A little black piece fell out and now my head phones want stay plugged in can you please help?

Take your headphones, MP3 player, and the little black piece that fell out, into any shop that retails MP3 players and the tech guys will only be too happy to demonstrate to you how clever they are... Read More »

How do I get my sister to want to stay in touch and want to see me when she is in town?

Try to interact, and not be boring. Ask her to do things with you when she is in town, dont wait for her. If you do end up going somewhere, leave the best impression possible.

Is it safe to scan your own hand I want to try but I'm not sure if it's safe to put in the scanner.?

totally safe dude.....I did it b4 for an avatar pic on a Forum....Here is the Link…