I want to get a second bachelor's. How does financial aid look for that?

Answer perhaps look at higher degrees instead of going over old ground with several bachelors degrees. it looks like you dont have ambition and just want to live the student lifestyle without career progr... Read More »

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How to funding a second bachelors degree Information Systems?

I was a political science major who went back to school to get an even more worthless degree in Anthropology. I did it by working FT at the University as Staff and getting free tuition which came i... Read More »

I want to paint 3 of my walls a dark purple but i want to know another color that wud look gud on the 4th wall?

Go here and "paint" away!…You might find other colors you like. Have you chosen a comforter yet? Pick some colors out of it and paint the headboard wall th... Read More »

How much does this girl weight *about* (pictures) don't call me a pervert. i want to look like that. o_o?

Does that girl know you are putting her pictures up. Weight is relative to height.

What Are Some Criteria That a College May Look for in Giving Additional Financial Aid?

Many college students depend on financial aid to earn their degree. When applying to schools, however, some students feel unclear about whether they are eligible for financial aid from their school... Read More »