I want to get a pipe?

Answer they have too many and are listed by brandyou search…

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Can i replace part of pool pump piping with smaller pipe gluing pipe inside instead of coupler and same size pipe shouldnt be much smaller?

Yes. My 13" TV sat directly on top of the microwave and only minor interference occurred when the microwave was microwaving.

Is flex copper pipe permitted as a water supply pipe in California?

Flex copper pipe is permitted in California as a water supply line in both "stick built" homes and mobile homes. The lines should be at least 12 inches deep and free from any joints. If a joint is ... Read More »

My wife mowed over the sand mound we have and hit the top of the pvc pipe (observation pipe i think)?

Buy some replacement pieces at any home store and put it back the way it was. PVC is easy to work with.

What kind of welding shall i use to weld copper pipe to aluminum pipe?

Answer use duck tape it works on everything : D~~i have to agree, adhere it if you can, otherwise use a VERY low heat propane torch. Acetylene burns WAY too hot, and you won't get a good arc going ... Read More »