I want to get a new digital camera..But which one is the best?

Answer The Nikon D40 is smaller than the XTi and one of the most economical DSLR's at this time selling for just under $470 with a AF-S 18-55 mm ED lens.Some links to help you decide. Read More »

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I want a new digital camera but dont know which brand or type is the best?

I would say research your options shop around and ask questions about interesting products to qualified store personell who know digital photography they can narrow down your wishlist from 100 came... Read More »

Which is the best digital camera to get if I want to get serious into Photography I'm a beginner.?

You can check out a place that I bought my digital camera, they have some really great prices: http://www.digitaldealz.netYou want to check out the SLR cameras if you want to get serious about phot... Read More »

I want to buy a digital camera non-SLR upto 15000 max.....which would b d best choice................?

Not sure what you mean by "15000 max" but I'll try my best to help.As far as Brands go, I'd say there's two main brands to go with: Canon and Nikon. They both make amazing cameras, but some are bet... Read More »

What's the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom on a digital camera. Which do I most likely want?

Optical zoom is good and digital zoom sucks. Optical zoom is "real" zoom done with the camera lens. Digital zoom is really just a way to enlarge pixels and degrade the image. Ignore it completel... Read More »