I want to get a facebook but......?

Answer so u have something to hide

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I want to hack into someone's Facebook but I don't want my location to be in the security?

Well, if the person you are hacking doesn't know how to check the security on facebook you should have no problems. There really isn't a way to actually hide your location, but after you hack it an... Read More »

Hi, i have web site, and i want to share it on facebook , and when someone click on it, i want to know which .?

I want to know one answer.I am having facebook in my Samsung galaxy y. Today (wants to connect on facebook )?

you might sync your account go to settings->accunts and sync->click on your fb account and remove the account from synconisationalso disable auto syncnext time when you login dont sync

I want to add my mother on facebook but I dont want her to see my friends list?

it's simpleread this…and instead of "only me" select "custom" then add her to your "hide this from" list