I want to find someone on youtube?

Answer you know the names of any of their videos? If you do, then you could search for the video, and find them that way.I don't really think you'll have much luck other than that, unless you ask... Read More »

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How do I find someone on yahoo answers or on youtube?

There are 3 ways to find specific people on YouTube:1 -- Simply enter their "username" in the searchbox.Hopefully, they have a unique username that isn't a common word (like "airplane", "boeing" or... Read More »

I want to find this song, not on YouTube or even when I Google it. please help?

It's supposedly on this site --, I can't read Japanese and Google Translate didn't help.Still looking....Maybe these links might help -- Read More »

How do you put someone else's youtube video to your youtube?

just follow these steps:1-copy the URL of the video 2-go to your YouTube Channel3-click "edit channel"4- where it says "featured video" or something like that, past the URL there.5-click "save chan... Read More »

Hi, i have web site, and i want to share it on facebook , and when someone click on it, i want to know which .?