I want to find someone on youtube?

Answer you know the names of any of their videos? If you do, then you could search for the video, and find them that way.I don't really think you'll have much luck other than that, unless you ask... Read More »

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How do you find songs you can't find on youtube?

Trying downloading utorrent then searching the song online for torrent downloads on websites like

How can I find people on youtube by email if they have ticked the box of letting people find them?

ask the person what their email is. that is how.

How to Find Someone's YouTube Favorites?

Online video repository also has a social component. Namely, you can "subscribe" to other users' "channels" -- or, if you only like a single video, you can add it to your "Favorites," a list of vid... Read More »

I saw this video on YouTube and I can't find it?

Search exactly what you just said. Most likely, once you start typing a little search thing will pop up. Also, if you use safari, look at your history. It can go back a long time. You do have to kn... Read More »