I want to end my life with sleeping pills?

Answer Get off the pity pot and watch a comedy. Better yet go to the cancer ward of the childrens hospital and see how precious life is. Shame on you!

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Caffine Pills.. Sleeping Pills?

yea i don't think it is good for you. it speeds ur heart up then slows it down and back and forth. if u are going to do it then just be easy on both of them. and make sure u wait a while after u... Read More »

What are the best sleeping pills?

melatonin is very good. It's for me!

Can i take sleeping pills if im 15?

You should be able to, check the label on the bottle. It will say the age you should and shouldn't be to take them.

Sleeping pills lol :P?

anything with lots of Chamomile is a healthy natural alternative to sleeping pills. Chamomile as you may already know can be found in various teas. I personally use Bell's tea which has lots of it... Read More »