I want to dye my hair but my parents....?

Answer look, i wasnt alowed to dye it till i was 14, so just wait a while, and dont dye it too often i dyed my hair once and its still fine. its wasnt but i use lots of conditioner and now its really soft... Read More »

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I want to dip dye my hair but my parents won't let me! Help!?

Tell them that you're only doing the bottom of the hair and it isn't damaging because you eventually will get it trimmed when there are split ends anyway. It's the less damaging fun way of dying it... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Straighten Your Hair?

It might be hard for the parents to accept that their child wants to straighten her hair. Some parents may not want their kids to straighten their hair because it means their children are growing u... Read More »

If your girlfriend who is 14 has a baby and her parents want to put it up for adoption but your parents don't what happens?

Ideally both parents would sit down and talk but it looks like that won't happen so depending on the resolve of the fathers parents, the case could end up in the courts, there is no way to tell wha... Read More »

If you want to get emancipated but both parents will dissagree is having a dad who is an alcoholic has anger problems and depression and being emotionally abused by both parents a good enough reason?

Talk to Family Services or Social Services, whichever it is called in your state. They can determine your situation. Unless you reach the age of majority, you would not be emancipated, but come und... Read More »