I want to do the the kind of thing that pewdiepie does how do I do it?

Answer Software he uses:Fraps (Settings) - Recording Gameplay.Logitech Webcam Software - Recording Webcam and Audio.Adobe Premiere Pro CS5- Editing Video.:)

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I don't know what kind of internet I have What's the best, dsl or cable or is that the same thing?

From what you have there i woul dassume is cable internet which is faster thanDSL

I want to make videos (with sound) that I can upload to the web, what kind of camera should I buy?

most newer didgital cameras have soujnd and can take vids for up to 3-5 hours and you can buy one at toys r us and it works thats what i use go to u tube and search jon barger to see examples

Why does PewDiePie hate barrels?

During his playthrough of Amnesia, he sees one of the grunts/monsters 'talking' and 'planning' with the barrels on how to attack PewDie, and the barrels tell the monsters where PDP is so they can h... Read More »

I want to start wearing makeup, but I need advice *Picture Included, but it's not THAT kind of question, ok*?

you're beautiful without make up! try a neutral lip color. and if you use eyeshadow primer then the eye shadow should stick on a little better! also, i'd recommend the bare naturale mascara from l'... Read More »