I want to do the the kind of thing that pewdiepie does how do I do it?

Answer Software he uses:Fraps (Settings) - Recording Gameplay.Logitech Webcam Software - Recording Webcam and Audio.Adobe Premiere Pro CS5- Editing Video.:)

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What kind of thing do you plant in the Spring?

I'm lazy and busy, so almost nothing. I do have annual beds, but down here my drought tolerant perennials have enough color year round.I do have some Darwin hybrid tulips in the fridge.

I don't know what kind of internet I have What's the best, dsl or cable or is that the same thing?

From what you have there i woul dassume is cable internet which is faster thanDSL

Isn't the expression "Don't let the bed bugs bite" kind of a jacked up thing to say to a kid before bedtime?

And what the hell's up with those happy nursery rhymes like Rock a Bye Baby singing about babies falling down from the top of a tree? "When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come... Read More »

Why do you think PewDiePie is so popular?

1.He is a consistent uploader 2.He knows how to entertain 7 million people without messing up3.He keeps people up to date with fridays with pewdiepie4.He interacts with fans, usually meeting them i... Read More »