I want to delete window 98 and install window xp.can iif yes then how?

Answer I think you can upgrade but not delete. The upgrade is usually cheaper.

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Should I install Window's service pack 3 to my Window XP machine?

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How to Reduce Window Size and Delete Thumbnails?

By displaying thumbnails on your folders and program files in Microsoft Windows, you can view some of the items that appear within a folder. On the other hand, showing all of the thumbnail files in... Read More »

How do you glue the regulator support back to the window on a 2001 Mustang and adjust the window?

Answer The question you ask is tooinvolved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get arepair manual for your car.They cost about $16.00Or, go to a Public Library.

A couple will build a square house in each wall they'll have a window and each window will face north how is this possible?