I want to cut myself really badly right now. I am 14.?

Answer Calm down i know how you feel. don't hurt yourself. we all make mistakes in our lives. some people's mistakes are worse than others'. life is full of mistakes but we need to learn from them so we w... Read More »

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I want my period really badly.PLS HELP!!!?

Why do you want it?! They're terrible, cramps hurt so bad, and when you're on your period its awful. We can't decide when we get our first period. It'll come, and you'll hate it. You should get it ... Read More »

I really want to lose weight but I cant get my mind in the right place.?

It is great that you have the desire to lose weight. It isn't an easy choice to make, because no matter what you try - in order to be successful - you'll have to make a lifestyle change. Don't be... Read More »

I want a really awesome scar...If I cut myself in the shape of a star would it leave a star shaped scar?

well..........if you want this scar, you must cut deep, and make sure you can live with it forever! that might hurt for a while, but don't bleed to death! you WILL live! (i hope) lol!

OK im 13 and I want a baby BADLY!!!!!?

have you lost your mind, that is a terrible thing to do, lie about that to trick another kid into impregnanting you. he will never trust you again and he will leave you, no body wants to be with so... Read More »