I want to connect a computer speaker to automobile battery; can you help me?

Answer An automobile battery specifically, an inverter with battery clips (if the speaker has AC only, and you do not care to modify them to run off of DC power), or a DC outet on clips, and an appropriat... Read More »

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How Can I Connect Multiple Speaker Wires Stereo Terminal/Speaker Input?

Connecting more than one set of speakers to a single speaker wire terminal is NOT recommended. The reason for this has to do with loading and impedance. Hooking up more than one speaker decreases... Read More »

Computer speaker help please?

What you need is a 3.5mm to AV Audio RCA Adapter Cable:… to connect with your computer and sub-woofer. Use this cable to connect 'earphone out' of computer... Read More »

Why does my computer not want to recognize its battery?

This sounds like a hardware issue and it seems like you will have to replace your current battery, if you know anyone that has the same laptop then try their battery on yours or try your battery on... Read More »

My computer run very slow... I want to reprogram my computer to go back to its original performance... Help...?

Best way would be to use to restore CD (if you have it) for your computer. That basically whipes off everything and takes it back to how it came out of the box.You could also trying cleaning out t... Read More »