I want to buy ink cartridges online. Any tips where to get them?

Answer Lots of places, but I found the site below when I was looking for ink for my printer and they suggest 123inkjets.Hope that helps

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Want to buy printer where the cartridges dont cost an arm and leg.?

With the cost of the printers dropping down to ludicrous levels (Color Laser Printer sub $250 at Staples) it is getting harder and harder to find a printer that is more expensive then the ink/toner... Read More »

I bought a pair a flats i want 2 wear them but i also want 2 be able 2 return them.?

Ok Blanche make sure you also can re attach the tags and just use packing tape to keep the bottoms clean. Blanche was a character in the golden girls, she often wore and took back clothing.

Where can I find free ebooks where can I just download then I want to put them on my iPhone?

I can email you all the Vampire Diaries books so far and you can download them from your mail on your ipod like i did! plus they are adobe reader pdf's so they are safe! I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!

I want to buy a 3-in-1 but don't want to have to spend a fortune replacing the ink cartridges can anyone advis?

You can get refills these days for a couple of pounds. We have a HP PSC 2355 all in one (printer, scanner, photocopier), and it's superThere are web sites you can buy the refills from, and a few s... Read More »