I want to buy a projector. Which type is better nowadays: LCD or DLP?

Answer Trust me when I tell you that getting a DLP projector is a better buy. Not only do I work with them but I used to build the chipsets for both technologies. The finished DLP product will be more ver... Read More »

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What Type of vintage Camera and Projector to buy?

No vintage camera will allow your husband to put video on the computer - especially not in the format or resolution he will want to use. Your best bet is to get him the best professional camcorder... Read More »

What is the type of projector called that you set on top of things to project them?

AAXA P1 Jr Ultra Portable Pico Pocket Projector, LED, Media Player, Speaker, iPhone Compatible is a fantastic little projector it does just what it was meant for ,on the spot presentations when yo... Read More »

What type of cable is used to connect a laptop to a projector?

A VGA cable is necessary to connect a laptop to a projector. Connect one end to the laptop's external video port and the other to the "Computer In" port on the projector.References:"Meeting tomorro... Read More »

Which type of projector DLP or LCD is more suitable for Training Room use of about 35 students?

Both projectors are good for training room. If your budget is under $2500 dollars, you have plenty of both DLP and LCD projectors to choose from. you move closer to $200... Read More »