I want to buy a new digital camera..but which one! help please!?

Answer Hi Momo!There are loads of cameras out there at the moment that are small and easy to use, and it can be difficult to find the right one!From what you have said I would recommend the 10 megapixel C... Read More »

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I want an i pod but don't know which to get help please!?

it depends what your budget is i guessive had many ipods and one of them that i can recommend is teh new nanoif you want the 4 GB silver one i think its less than 200$i liked that one very much and... Read More »

Which printer shall i buy, please help, i want good quality scan?

Lexmark X2550 is the better one, it has 600x12 Pixel Per Inch which is very good, 36bit depth which is how detailed the image will be the higher bits the more detailed it will be, the other is 1200... Read More »

I have a digital TV which gives only sound and no pictures for some stations, what do I do please help! ?

Where in the world are you?I know some places are beginning to use MPEG4 for broadcast TV. In that case, if you have an plder MPEG2 only TV, you need to get an STB to tune and decode the MPEG4.Oth... Read More »

I own a hp pavilion a1102n and want 2 install another internal hard drive but don't know which 1 help please!!?…Acording to specifications above, your new hard drive must be SATA(serial ATA). So from your question only 1 HDD will be usefull since second one have a d... Read More »