I want to buy Youtube?

Answer Well, Google owns YouTube so I guess you'd have to contact them. They purchased the site in 2006 for $1.65 billion so you better have inherited a large fortune.

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I want to do Youtube?

Have people been using a Nick name when calling you? Use that name. Musically inclined, use that in your videos. Have Fun, Good Luck.

I want to be a YouTube vlogger...?

those challenges aren't really vlogging.Don't have anything to add, but just remember, the majority of the vlog demographic are female, so it's vicious out there if you're a woman.

Want to help to get rid of bob on youtube?

/▌/ \ ☻I just decapitated Bob

We want to get further on youtube..?

You have to remember that there is no guaranteed way to make it big, but there are these steps that will maximise your chance of getting bigger. 1) Upload good quality videos - These days you won't... Read More »