I want to break my arm just to be in a cast what should i do?

Answer omg i want to do that toso i just trip all the time on purpose and land on my arm the wrong wayit worked once.but not tht well.good luck=]]

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If you break your thumb do you get a cast?

If you break your thumb you usually get a cast that runs along your arm and covers your thumb, although sometimes they may also give you another cast which includes a metal frame that runs along yo... Read More »

How to Break Cast Iron Tubs?

Older household tubs are commonly made of cast iron, a heavy, thick iron material. Compared to modern tubs, cast iron tubs are difficult to remove when you are remodeling the bathroom and want to r... Read More »

I really want a cast and to break my foot!! please help me with ideas that are fast and dont sound that painfu?

Any broken bone hurts, I broke my arm in an accident 4 years ago, I now have arthritis, constant pain and a permanent disability.But, if you really want a cast on your foot, go jump of a bridge, yo... Read More »

Special form of of pre-cast walls construction in which wall panels are cast horizontally at the job site and then erected?

the common term for this type of construction is "tilt-up".