I want to become vegan...?

Answer Hi there I am vegan and congratulations on making a healthy choice for yourself and for being considerate to the animals and our planet :). Here's my advice: If you truly want to live a vegan lifes... Read More »

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I want do become vegan what should I eat?

First off, I like you. Your concern for animals makes me smile :) And it's awesome to see someone so young caring about where their food comes from!For milk, choose soy milk, almond milk, rice mi... Read More »

I REALLY want to become a VEGETARIAN/VEGAN but my mom wont let me?

Research it! Then talk to your mom about the benefits of it. Ask her why she won't let you. I think it's completely unreasonable. If you don't want to eat meat, she should not stop you.

I want to become vegan how do i get started please help need more than five answers?

Here’s my “Veganism 101” The easiest way to avoid animal ingredients is to avoid processed foods. Buy whole foods and cook.The best recipe site is here: if you woul... Read More »

I want to be come a vegan how do i start being a vegan?

If you're going to eliminate meat and dairy, the biggest challenge is getting enough protein. I'm not vegan but I love eating a variety of foods, and tend to avoid a lot of dairy.I love almond milk... Read More »