I want to become a vegetarian but at home I have to eat what I'm given?

Answer Thats exactly why i wanted to become one ^^You should proabaly talk to your parents about it.Mine were open to the idea, but wouldn't really make specific vegetatian meals. So I lived of sides of v... Read More »

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I want to become a vegetarian, but im addicted to meat. how can i go vegetarian?

Stop buying meat when you go to the grocery store. Use up what you're got in your fridge, freezer, cupboards, whatever. Don't waste food, that doesn't serve your ideological cause either, after all... Read More »

What can you eat if you want to become a vegetarian?

Anything that does not contain an animal or parts of one. No gelatin (found in some sweets).

I want to become vegetarian but.......?

What exactly is your question? If you told your parents that the only thing meat has that is beneficial is B12 then you obviously don't know anything about nutrition.

I want to become vegetarian?

Vegetarians have exactly the same food pyramid as everyone else but instead of meats you eat meat alternatives, things high in protein like beans, eggs, soy, chickpeas, nut, yogurt and other dairy.... Read More »