I want to become a vegetarian, any ideas for meals?

Answer QUINOA!!! if bought organic, it is a protein super food. it is so good and actually incredibly cheap! (it's like $4 for a small looking bag, but you can get about a month's worth out of that bag). ... Read More »

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Vegetarian meals for kids, any ideas?

It always fascinates me when these questions come up and you get all the poorly educated people coming out of the woodwork trying to profess that they know better than the experts. The fact is tha... Read More »


What are some vegetarian meals/recipe?

This looks like a really good veggie lasagna for one of your days. Hope this helps and here is the link

How to Request Vegetarian Meals?

When requesting a vegetarian meal it is important to be specific. Often, people don't understand what a vegetarian eats or, more importantly, does not eat. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy and eggs ... Read More »