I want to become a pre schoool teacher?

Answer If you wish to become an Early Childhood teacher (P-3) you need to complete a four year university course. If this is what you want to do then go ahead. I have been teaching Early Childhood for 15 ... Read More »

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Depressed all the time how do i make my last 2 weeks of schoool?

Stop moaning and get on with the last few days. Be grateful that you've had the opportunity to have a good education.

Can you adopt an 18 years old high schoool student in the state of New Jersey?

New Jersey allows adult adoption; you must be 10 years older than the person you are adopting. See related link for more details and for ideas as to who may need to contact.

What does being a pre-school teacher, kindergarten, grade prep teacher.... involve...?

Work very hard for not very much $$. Unless you really love kids and are very patient and have tons of energy, and like dealing with ignorant belligerent parents and lots of confusing campus, dist... Read More »

Tips for Teacher on Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are a time for discussing students' growth academically and socially. Depending on the situation of a particular student, parent-teacher conferences can be positive exper... Read More »