I want to become a pre schoool teacher?

Answer If you wish to become an Early Childhood teacher (P-3) you need to complete a four year university course. If this is what you want to do then go ahead. I have been teaching Early Childhood for 15 ... Read More »

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I want to become bulimic, then i want to quit when i look thin enough.?

You are at risk for bulimia nervosa. It is not something that you could easily get out of once you start doing it, contrary to what you have been thinking. It is a very psychological condition, as ... Read More »

Depressed all the time how do i make my last 2 weeks of schoool?

Stop moaning and get on with the last few days. Be grateful that you've had the opportunity to have a good education.

Why did NASA want to put a teacher in space?

I want to be a good preschool teacher?

First and foremost you need patience. You have to remember that they are experiencing a lot of things in the world for the first time. And being at school they are being asked to do things that the... Read More »