I want to be skinny!?

Answer okay, listen to ME! not anybody who says eat right and excercisethat's not how you get skinnyfirst of all, drink 10 glasses of iced cold water a day. that burns 300 caloriesdon't touch carbs, even ... Read More »

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Girls, i want skinny skinny legs...not muscular do i burn fat on my legs?

You can't burn fat in your legs specifically. Your body burns fat from all over. Some people lose weight in some areas more quickly than others, but there isn't a way to target specific areas of ... Read More »

Why Do I Want To Be Stick Skinny!!?

Okayy. Listen:) the guy who said that? He's a jerk. He's probably racist. And you have curves, thats a good thing! Hips and butt is what everyone wants. Stick thin means letting go of all the foods... Read More »


I am 15 and 120 pounds beat that! im still healthy and look fine. just keep exercizing and eat heathy- no junk food. Or if you do eat junk food, just work it off. And have fun when working out! Dan... Read More »

How can I loose all my arm fat with out building muscle I just want my arm skinny again !?

You can't TARGET areas of the body you want to lose fat. Unlike muscle, which works directly based on what part of the body is using it, fat is simply energy storage for the entire body. Based on g... Read More »