I want to be pregnant but it is taking ages y is this?

Answer Answer how long is ages? on average it takes a woman between 20 and 25 5 months t fall pregnant and between 33 and 38 9 months.most couples take a year.if u are in ur 20s there is a 1 in 4 chance o... Read More »

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You want to get pregnant ihave used pill for 1 yr and know you have stop taking it for about 6 monthsin this 6 months you got 2 periodswell is it true that you should try for a baby after 3 periods?

Taking out a Sally Mae student loan and want to pay it off at tax time in Feb. of next year. Is this allowed?

You can repay it back at any time after it is taken out.The ONLY time they raise the interest rate is when your loan is in default or late. Then they can sell the loan and charge more interst. Th... Read More »

My dad had an affair with his brother's wife and she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption I know who this girl is and want to contact her but she is only sixteen Can I legally do this?

More important you should ask your self what you have to gain by contacting her, and is it in the best interest of the child. Though I don't know you or your specific circumstances, your motives s... Read More »

I want to start smoking, gambling and taking drugs but have heard they may be addictive, is this true ?

Yes they are addictive. Even sex and food can be addictive. It's not the things it's the person doing them. Someone with an addictive personallity will more than likely become addicted to one and/o... Read More »