I want to be healthier?

Answer eat alot more pasta, whole grain pasta.

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Vegans..what do you do when you want ice cream...anything healthier?

Throw a frozen banana in a blender and blend until smooth.Add Stevia, if you like.2 bananas is around 220 calories.

Is it bad if you're 16 and want a baby but you don't want the dad around because you want your girlfriend and you to raise it?

AnswerOk it depends, If you are just going to a sperm clinic if that's what it is called adn having sperm put in you than no its not bad. But if you sleep with a guy to get pregnant and then leave ... Read More »

You want to to join the Marines but dont want to be disgharged you want to have a career in the Marines what to do?

When the time comes, you have the choice to either leave or reenlist. You just choose to reenlist, and your contract gets extended.

How to Be a Healthier Kid?

Many kids today are generally unhealthy. Here are some tips to become a healthier kid.