I want to be a vegan, how can I start?

Answer Welcome aboard. It's not easy in the beginning and I'm assuming you're young, so it may be a little difficult for you without your mothers complete support. It's not expensive living, I assure you.... Read More »

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I want to be come a vegan how do i start being a vegan?

If you're going to eliminate meat and dairy, the biggest challenge is getting enough protein. I'm not vegan but I love eating a variety of foods, and tend to avoid a lot of dairy.I love almond milk... Read More »

Is it good to start a vegan diet when you are 17?

Of course! Anyone who says otherwise is completely ignorant. Most vegetarians / vegans I know changed their lifestyle when they were like 13 or so and they are completely healthy. As long as you ma... Read More »

I want to be a vegan how do i start doing this i am starting tomorrow?

You shouldn't just decide to go from omnivore to vegan overnight. I'm so happy you want to be vegan, being vegan myself, but it takes time to change your diet. Change it too fast and your body will... Read More »

I want to start the 80 10 10 raw vegan diet for life but im afraid to try it and fail. any tips?

WHy set yourself up with the word failure?There's no rule book. It's not like you kill someone and can't take it back.I eat raw and it's wonderful, but you can eat cooked food on any day if you wan... Read More »