I want to be a nurse but lack the strength, flexibility and stomach?

Answer What was the 16 days you did? You know nursing is usually a 3 year degree program? I don't think you can judge the job properly with so little training - of course you're going to struggle! If you ... Read More »

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I have tendency 2 be a depressive person 'n feel a lack of joy 'n strength,which color should I paint my room?

I'm the same way and I painted my room a light green with pics. of bamboo a bamboo plant. So its like a Ying-Yang Zen feng shui type of thing with a green throw pillow a black and white bed spread ... Read More »

I want a flat stomach by the summer. But i still want my sweets and fatty foods :/?

Then you have a very important decision to make.Would you rather give up your food and have a flat stomach or not have a flat stomach but eat what you want?There's no right answer, just do what's r... Read More »

What type of nurse should you be if you want to care for mothers before and after birth and new borns as well but you dont want to actually deliver them?

It's not the nurses that deliver babies. The midwifes and doctors do that. So you could be a nurse specialized in infants. Don't know what it's called where you are.

I want to be a nurse and care for the sick...?

Nurse latex got caught in my!!!