I want to be a homeopath. which are the most profitable type of patient to target?

Answer I like you honesty. Most homeopaths claim that they are only doing it to help others but you need to make a living. Your target market will depend on a number of variables. Local population, transp... Read More »

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What type of scope goes on a Mini-14 Target rifle?

The Ruger mini-14 rifle is chambered in .223 caliber and has an effective range of approximately 600 yards. The rifle can accommodate a number of scopes, but it works best with those that have a We... Read More »

Since you CP patient of diplegic type does your child has chances of getting CP?

Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

What type of saline solution would you give a patient with head trauma?

Saline solution should always be in given as a concentration of 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl).

How to Become a Homeopathic Practitioner/homeopath?

Homeopathy is a more than 200-year-old type of medicine that treats individuals with remedies that trigger natural healing. Based on the "Law of Similars," some people compare homeopathic medicine ... Read More »