I want to be a good preschool teacher?

Answer First and foremost you need patience. You have to remember that they are experiencing a lot of things in the world for the first time. And being at school they are being asked to do things that the... Read More »

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What are good colleges to go to if you want to be a preschool teacher and own your own preschool?

You don't have to go to college to be a preschool teacher. You can get training while you work or get your CDA. It would benefit you to go if you plan on being a director or owner. Although you ... Read More »

Son dont want to go to preschool because of teacher?

preschoolers wiggle! talk to the teacher first. find out why he is being moved out of circle. Is it just 'the wiggles'? his body may not be able yet to sit still. Are her expectations beyond what i... Read More »

My daughters was excited for her first day of preschool, but her teacher is mean and doesn't want to go back?

Hi there. I feel sad to hear that. However, it may be the first day jitters for the little girl. Or perhaps it was a stressful first day for school. Trying to consult with the school's director, o... Read More »

I am a preschool teacher and looking for Valentine crafts for my class. I want great keepsakes for the parent?

Pictures say a thousand words... I am a huge fan of pictures of the children, especially with holiday gifts and crafts. You can use iron-on transfers (which print from your printer onto a piece of... Read More »