I want to be a Vegan, but my mom wont let me?

Answer Sinkings had a good point.... maybe you could research it and speak to your mom about being vegetarian for a while and when she is more comfortable with it, she might be more open to you being vega... Read More »

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Im 15 years old and want to be vegan but my parents wont let me?

First off, let me congratulate you on your choice! Going vegan can be a tough choice for many reasons. My sister is your age and she is going through the exact same situation as you are. It can be ... Read More »

I REALLY want to become a VEGETARIAN/VEGAN but my mom wont let me?

Research it! Then talk to your mom about the benefits of it. Ask her why she won't let you. I think it's completely unreasonable. If you don't want to eat meat, she should not stop you.

I want to be come a vegan how do i start being a vegan?

If you're going to eliminate meat and dairy, the biggest challenge is getting enough protein. I'm not vegan but I love eating a variety of foods, and tend to avoid a lot of dairy.I love almond milk... Read More »

Mom wont let me be vegan...?

Ok.. here is what you do that might help your mother.1) Do a LOT of research, research the nutrient content of foods... and make a list (or use a program) that allows you to assure you get the pro... Read More »