I want to add this girl on facebook but I'm kind of scared?

Answer First message her apologising... And then when she replies.. she'l probably add you herself... if she dont.. then.. add herr .... orr send the frn rqst nd mesage both the same time to her ... bcoz... Read More »

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I want to remove this guy of of Facebook, but I'm kind of nervous?

You can block them by navigating to the "Report/Block this Person" link at the bottom of their profile page. Once you click this link, check the "Block this person" box and then click "Submit."

Help what kind of bite is this Im scared ! PICS INCLUDED !!?

its a mosquito bite, trust me i get them all the time. your skin type is sensitive to irritation so it causes any irritation to be either very red or swelled, dont worry it will go down. i put ice ... Read More »

I want a facebook, but im scared to get one b/c my dad says there are a lot of bad things that happen there.?

People who know more about breastfeeding than me - is this correct Some girl said this on facebook?

well, she's sorta right. it's true that formula has come a long way and it's true that formula is better than cow's milk, but breast milk is undeniably the best thing you can give your baby -- even... Read More »