I want to a smell like strawberries.?

Answer Bonne Bell and Webkinz make cheap ($3-4) Strawberry body spritzes. You can usually find those products at drugstores and at walmart… Read More »

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Why does my Vagina smell like strawberries and grape juice?

May I take a lick to see if it tastes like strawberries and grape juice?

I have a bad smell in my house. We have a septic tank, but it doesn't smell like poop smell.?

If it smells like moldy or mildew sort of odor, it could be socks or other small laundry items that have floated up over the washing machine wash basket and gotten stuck behind the washing tub insi... Read More »

Why are strawberries called 'strawberries'?

StrawberriesOriginally they were called "strewberries," because they were "strewn" across the ground. "Strew" means throw. The name eventually evolved into "strawberries."And... when strawberries a... Read More »

My leather sofa got soaked,after i dried it there is an awful foisty or can i get rid of the smell?

This is probably caused by mold or mildew and you will need an enzyme cleaner that will kill this and then eradicate the smell.Em Clean has been formulated for this purpose and has been tested on l... Read More »